Swingers life in Portland better than in NY

Initially I researched my beloved Allswingersclubs.org and discovered that there are not so many swingers clubs in Portland (http://allswingersclubs.org/or-clubs.html) in compare to New York (http://allswingersclubs.org/ny-clubs.html). But now I read article (https://www.oregonlive.com/expo/life_and_culture/erry-2018/06/5c1cff88858271/27_reasons_gentrification_hasn.html) about why Portland is more wild and free than New York City.

And this is about Portland sex culture:

Friends don’t let friends have boring sex — at least not friends (or even strangers) in Portland. Two examples: the city’s swingers clubs and Kinkfest.

Swingers clubs

Porn star Ron Jeremy’s Portland swingers hangout, Club Sesso, shut in 2015, but the city’s sex scene get right on rolling. Pointed out Willamette Week’s sex writer last year: “Portland is a very sexy town, with several venues for public sex shenanigans.”


The website seems to perpetually have “Sold Out” stamped across its splash page. Kinkfest, organizers point out, is “an annual, 3-day event celebrating sexual diversity, bdsm, fetish and leather communities.” That means workshops, lectures, merchandise — and “evening play parties.”


People tend to not be bored by the sight of other people naked. Which means they don’t have much chance to be bored in Portland — at least not during the warm months. Three examples: The World Naked Bike Ride, Portland’s plethora of strip clubs, and Sauvie Island’s nude beach.

Strip clubs

Even the most boring towns in the country have strip clubs. But a vampire-themed vegan one? Or one that offers “stripperoke” — a twist on karaoke that has strippers doffing their clothes to the sound of customers’ off-key stylings? Or a club that serves as home base for an intellectual stripper who’s the subject of a feature-length documentary? No, those are only in Portland.

Sauvie Island nude beach

A one-mile beach on the northwest side of the island is for truly unfettered sun worshippers. Notes The Oregonian’s Jamie Hale: “The area is connected to the non-nude North Unit Beach, so be wary of gawkers and people who might be offended by your nudity.”

The World Naked Bike Ride

Portland isn’t the only place where organized naked rides happens, but the Rose City embraces it like no other burgh.