Sex therapy

Hey, let’s continue our sexual series! Today I want to raise the subject of sex therapy, healing tantric sex, therapy by swinging, practicing BDSM or opening up to polyamory. I see articles and videos on this subject everywhere now. Sex is became normal part of our life, we are became adults who not starting to laugh and course when talk about sex starts.

Scientists are got tons of evidence about benefits of sex. Now I would not sum it up – it’s subject for big series of articles. Sex is healthy in a short. Healthier than walk at the nature, balanced whole food and physical exercises.

So idea of sex as a therapy in open to sex society is an obvious one.

Prescribed sex for disabled people

Of course the most obvious is idea to prescribe sex to those who have lack of sex – disabled ones, elder ones, those who has sexual traumas or simply low self esteem because of traumatic childhood/youth. Look at this great Vice reportage on sex for disabled ones:

Spiritual healing sex

Another kind of sexual therapy – is so called spiritual sex. As for me it’s a quite controversial workaround of sexual guilt. People believe into some ancient Indian magic to avoid sexual guilt and shame. Ok, it’s works at least. But trough huge system of lie. Maybe you heard latest news about sexual abuse in Agama Yoga school tantric community. And, how most of observers said, it’s not the first and not the last case in tantric schools.

Sexual counseling and more common sex practices

More healthy way (as for me) is kind of psychological counseling related to sex. Psychologist just lead you or you and your partner and recommend some ways to improve your life, the whole one and the sexual one. It’s an non-intrusive way which taking into account your personality, your level of self-development, your temperament and what you like.

For example such counselor can introduce you to swinging or BDSM or polyamory. She can give you resources – books, websites, online and offline groups. If you feel comfortable with some of such culture she can recommend you to attend some event – cuddling poly jam, or BDSM dungeon or swingers club.

Of course, it’s just several examples of sexual therapy and not the full list. In later posts I will talk about other ones.