New Server

When I attempted to upgrade my old Rackspace server to Ubuntu 12.04 I found some incompatibility between syslogd and the kernel that cause syslogd to use all the CPU resources all the time. That is how I discovered that I was using a Rackspace-provided kernel instead of the Ubuntu one.

So after finding the problem difficult to fix I discovered that Rackspace are renting new OpenStack based servers and I could get more memory and disk space for about the same money. I’ve also organised this new server a bit better, for instance by using etckeeper, and kept better notes.

Why bother with a virtual server at all when a simple web host would be cheaper and easier to maintain? Good question. This way I get to play at running my own server, and also install obscure software on it and play with ssh tunnelling and permanently connected IRC clients. In other words it is mainly for my own amusement. I wouldn’t recommend it if all you want is a server to run WordPress on.