People don’t value privacy anymore even in a sexual life!


Stay tuned folks! Here we will talk about privacy, Facebook and swingers clubs.

We live in a funny time: people talk about privacy and in the same time ready to give their email passwords just to be featured on tv:

There are opinion that golden era of privacy is finished and it was XX century. Our parents told us not to talk to strangers, but now we are happy to share our location, details of what we do and with whom at Facebook and Instagram.

Today I want to share my thoughts on modern sexuality. Everybody knows Tinder – the app, where you share your location to strangers in hope of find sex or relationships. But Tinder is nothing in compare to growing popularity of swingers, bdsm, so called kinky people and polyamory people.

Swingers clubs number by continents

Swingers clubs number by continents

I took a look at . What I discovered surprised me: some countries host hundreds of official swingers clubs! But I was so naive, coz later I discovered – the bottom part of iceberg with tons of local and niched groups on any kind of so called alternative sex. Demand on having sexual experiences with strangers is huge.

RoseWould Plantation Sex & Swingers Club @ Second Life

RoseWould Plantation Sex & Swingers Club @ Second Life

Even kids oriented virtual world Roblox has issues related to wish to have sexual activities with strangers. Of course they don’t have swingers clubs there, or sex rooms, like some Second Life places . But Roblox definitely have shocking issues related to sex (sex room issue, gang rape issue – it’s became meme).

Roblox sex rooms can shock parent

And I can guess that it’s not only problem related to the adult child predator lurking into the game but big change in the world and new generations. Younger gens don’t value privacy anymore. And examples with sexual life are the great indicator of this.

Inside Facebook

I just caught the last half of a documentary about Facebook, which was fairly decent despite being on the BBC. This link should show you when it’s repeated:

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook TV Schedule

Decent in that I learned something about the various business models that I didn’t know. And the journalist talked about technical details of a subject I understand without being wrong, which is rare. And it wasn’t a hatchet job about the dangers and risks and general awfulness of Facebook and business in general.

In fact the criticism of Facebook was pretty weak. If I “like” a company on Facebook, it can pay to display adverts to my friends that say, “Rob Fisher likes [company]“. This could be construed as using me in an advert without my consent. Or maybe not. The documentary did not seem to have a strong opinion.

And there were academics interviewed who made arguments such as: by keeping in touch with more people, we are having fewer close friendships. Well, anyone can tell for themselves whether that is true, and whether it is a problem.

But the best bits were the bits explaining how Facebook makes money. This included a demonstration of the information available to someone creating an advert. The example was a product for brides, and showed how various filters could be applied (“female”, “engaged”, “interested in beauty”) to see how many people would see the advert. This looked powerful. But not as powerful as the use of Facebook to talk to customers. This segment concentrated on companies’ attempts to get people to leave comments on their pages so that the comments get shown to friends, thereby generating a kind of word-of-mouth advert.

It strikes me that the best way for a company to use Facebook is to let your employees have real conversations, like real people. The documentary didn’t really go there, unfortunately.